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Weekly Sports Schedule

Sports are played on the following nights:

SENIOR SOCCER: Monday, Tuesday
SENIOR CRICKET: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (6-a-side and 8-a-side)
SENIOR NETBALL: Wednesday (7-a-side Ladies), Thursday (6-a-side Mixed)
JUNIOR SPORT: Friday (Junior Soccer), Friday (Junior Cricket)

Game Fees

All game fees are required to be paid IN FULL before the start of the game. Prices are as follows:

Soccer: $10 per player (minimum $50 per team)
Cricket: $78 per team (6-a-side) Monday -Wednesday, $66 per team (6-a-side) Thursday, $80 per team (8-a-side) Thursday
Netball: $63 (7-a-side), $54 (6-a-side)


Teams should be aware that insurance for your team is not available through Action Indoor Sports Salisbuy. It is recommended to all players that they find their own personal health insurance cover that is sufficient for their personal needs. Players must realise that they are participating in our sports at their own risk.

Forfeit Fee

Forfeit fees apply for teams providing less than 48 hours’ notice. Teams that give less than 48 hours’ notice will be charged their normal game fee, however less than 6 hours’ notice will result in the team being charged BOTH teams game fee. If you are struggling for players, please contact the Arena as we are more than happy to help your team find players so forfeit fees will not be applicable.

Arena Policy

Please click here to download the Arena Policy. It contains all relevant information regardng how the competitions run at the Arena including information on Uniform, Grading, Competition Structure and Behaviour Expectations. By submitting your registration form you are agreeing to abide by all rules and regulations contained in the policy.


Contact us

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08 8258 6000

Indoor Sports Centre Opening Hours:
 Monday - Friday: 12pm til late   |   Saturday: by booking only   |   Sunday: 4.30pm to 7.30pm

We are located at 10 Clayson Road, Salisbury East SA 5109

Owner: Daniel McKay ABN: 34842621475