Action Salisbury; the indoor sports centre at 10 Clayson Road!


The indoor sports centre currently known as Action Indoor Sports Salisbury was first established in 1984 by the Pope brothers. The brothers bought the land and began construction on the building and establishment of the indoor sports centre at the heights of the ICA (Indoor Cricket Arenas) revolution in Australia. The brothers went against the grain and built their own rival centre, which lead to a lengthy legal battle with the ICA brand that eventually led to the crazy decision to erect an ICA indoor sports centre next door! The 2 centres were then in a fierce battle and race to be ready first for trade. Eventually both centres ran next to each other with the centre at 10 Clayson Road known as Brahma Lodge ICW (Indoor Cricket World) and in competition with the ICA next door. 

Both centres, despite the insane proximity, thrived over the following years. The ICW centre changed ownership and with that came the installation of the pool hall section of the building. The 2 businesses co-existed for a number of years and after re-branding to Brahma Lodge Indoor Sports Centre, the pool hall was forced to close.

Plaster Fun House took over the pool hall section of the building after a number of years vacant and the ownership of the indoor sports centre changed hands a couple more times until the current owner, Daniel McKay, took over in April 2012.

Over recent years, the centre has gone through some major changes with the establishment of the Inflatable World franchise on weekends and during school holidays as well as a number of new initiatives including the resurrection of the Salisbury Bulls indoor cricket and netball club plus hosting numerous events and national tournaments.


The current Owner and Managing Director of the centre is Daniel McKay. Daniel has an extensive history within indoor sports, being a state level indoor cricketer for a number of years including captain of the State Open Men's side in 2018. Daniel was involved with the Stepney indoor sports centre prior to ownership of Salisbury, working at Stepney for over 10 years where he started off as an indoor cricket umpire and kiosk worker, eventually taking over the role of Manager of the venue for over 5 years. Daniel brings a deep understanding of indoor sports with over 15 years experience as a sports centre manager and a passion for indoor sports, especially indoor cricket.

Joining the management team is Shane Rooke as the centre's newly installed Operations Manager in late 2018. Shane is an experienced member of the indoor cricket community, having previously umpired indoor cricket at multiple national championships and has also played club indoor cricket throughout the years. Shane brings with him operational experience having been involved with management of the Modbury centre in years gone past and brings enthusiasm for the indoor sports community to the role.