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How Does My Team Enter? Simply organise enough players for your team, complete the details listed below and submit/post your Nomination form to the Stadium.

How Is My Team Graded? Each new team plays 3-5 Grading Games at the beginning of each season against varying grades of opposition to enable Stadium Management to evaluate your team's level of playing ability.

What Times Will My Team Play? Due to the large number of teams playing at the Stadium, fixtures are prepared via computer software using a Rotating Time Preference system with competitions graded by ABILITY rather than playing times. This system ensures your team plays against teams of similar ability - thus providing your team with an even and enjoyable competition. By numbering you time preferences below, our computer fixturing system matches your preferred times with those of the teams in your grade and produces a varied playing fixture - while always aiming to maximise the number of games fixtured at your team's most preferred times.

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Please number, in order of preference (1 being the most preferred) inside the boxed below

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Please be aware that whilst we still endeaver to try and accommodate this preference, there may be times that this is not possible.

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